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The Bed Bug Service Program

You require three services for proper control. Anything less will not eradicate them all, as some of the eggs will survive and possibly hatch later. If you follow our instructions exactly your problem will be solved.

The first is the most important and requires most effort on your part. All bedding must be removed from all beds and washed at the time of service. Also clothes in drawers should be removed and cleaned as well. All furniture will be treated. We must have access to all baseboards in the unit.

First service we will gas mattress,s, drawers, bed frames and furniture. We will thoroughly treat your entire premise, all cracks and crevices, baseboards door frames where they can hide during the day.

Vacuuming and keeping unit clean is extremely important. This includes all mattresses and box springs, and all carpets. This should be done daily before our first service, right up until the second service. This is to remove all egg casings that hide in the fibers and material. The insecticide will not leave a residual in those areas and vacuuming is necessary to help with control.

You must put Bed Bug Certified mattress covers on each mattress and box spring after the first service. Once they are treated and covers go on the bedbugs can't penetrate again.

You will need two more follow up services. These services will concentrate on all of the baseboards, furniture and bed frames. They are to be done in two week intervals, even if you see no signs of the insects. We want to make sure to get any eggs that have hatched and any that were in areas that they could have been missed like books, boxes or containers.

All insecticides used are registered for bed bug control in Ontario. We use four different insecticides including spray gassing and dusting. We have a proven three part program and our work is fully guaranteed.

Your co- operation is essential to get the problem solved.....